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Your Dentists in Norwest.

At Esplanade Dental Centre, our team of experienced and fully qualified dentists and dental hygienists are passionate about your health and together, we are committed to providing the best dental outcomes for all our patients.

Practising at our state of the art dental practice is located in the Norwest, our combined expertise allows us to provide the best possible experience for our patients in all matters of dentistry. With the latest technology at our disposal, our team is equipped to provide exceptional results for you and your family. You can even watch your favourite shows while we work on your smile!


Whether you're looking to maintain your healthy teeth, need to get rid of a sore ache, or want to improve your smile with a range of smile design services, our friendly team welcome you to visit us. Learn more about us here and we hope you'll decide to come meet us in person soon!


Meet our Norwest Dental Team

The Esplanade Dental Centre

Serving you 7 days a week

Affordable and flexible

Emergency Dental Care

Dr Cheng Li

Introducing Dr. Cheng Li, a dentist since 2015, after graduating from Griffith University in 2014. He offers a wide range of dental services, including dental implants, oral surgery, and general dentistry. Dr. Li is passionate about his work and continues to expand his expertise, particularly in orthodontics and dental implants.

Known for his friendly and calm demeanour, Dr. Li is attentive to his patients' needs and always has a reassuring smile. Outside of work, he enjoys photography, archery, and spending quality time with his family.

Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Dr. Li ensures effective communication with all his patients, creating a welcoming atmosphere in his practice.

Dental Surgeon

"My passion lies in ensuring my patients enjoy be best possible patient outcomes that modern dentistry can provide"

- Dr Cheng Li

Dr Michael Shang

Dr Michael Shang graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from Griffith University in Queensland after completing his secondary education at Sydney’s James Ruse Agricultural High School. Dr Shang is now permanently based in Sydney, enjoying life and ensuring his patients are well looked after.

Within the dental practice, Dr Shang is primarily focused on meeting the general dentistry needs of our patients. He is highly experienced in all areas of general dentistry. His meticulous attention to detail and clinical accuracy delivers a consistently high standard of dental work.


Michael is particularly interested in the field of minor oral surgery and wisdom teeth extractions.

Dr Shang’s calm and mindful personality is a great asset, ensuring he is always attentive and responsive to his patients’ concerns and clinical needs.

Michael is fluent in Shanghainese and Mandarin, allowing us to help patients who may prefer to speak in their native language.


"I take pleasure in making sure my patients leave happy and informed"

- Dr Michael Shang

Dr Maly Soedjono

Dr Maly Soedjono completed her bachelor degree at the University of Sydney and continued her master degree Doctor of Dental surgery at The University of Melbourne. After practising a few years in private clinics in Melbourne, she moved to Sydney and continued her commitment to provide the highest quality of dentistry to all patients.


Her caring nature and gentle hand ensure that all treatment is carried out in an easy, painless and comfortable way for patients of all ages. She enjoys all aspects of dentistry, particularly in paediatric, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time making arts and crafts, yoga, travelling and doing volunteer work. She’s fluent in Indonesian and Japanese languages.


Dr Maly Soedjono

"My aim is to have every single one of my patients leave with a gleaming smile!"

- Dr Maly Soedjono

We invite you to come meet us!

At Esplanade Dental Centre located in Norwest

Come visit us at the Esplanade Dental Centre. We're located in Norwest and our practice has been freshly built and fitted with the latest technology! We're passionate about your health and dental outcomes and hope to see you soon.

Davinder Benepal

Davinder is passionate about patient care and ensuring every patient feels welcomed during their stay at the Esplanade Dental Centre. She graduated in 1996 as a dentist in India, and then completed a dental hygiene course in Adelaide, Australia. 

Davinder has been living and practising in Sydney for over 20 years. Highly trained and skilled, she loves her profession and making patients feel comfortable, relaxed and well cared for. 

She has continued to enrich herself with updated techniques and education in order to provide the best care possible. She is passionate about education and the prevention of periodontal disease (gum disease).

Davinder has a bubbly personality, a great sense of humour, but also a calming demeanour during clinical work. She is very good with anxious patients and aims to make each visit as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Dental Hygienist

Davinder Benepal

"Making patients feel comfortable, relaxed and well cared for brings me great joy"

- Davinder Benepal

Dr Sahar Shakibeai Kesheh

Sahar wanted to be a dentist ever since she was very young, as she has always been passionate about combining her love for healthcare and aesthetics.

Sahar enjoys the variety of practicing general dentistry, meeting new people, and getting to know her patients. Sahar does have a special interest in oral surgery and is skilled in wisdom teeth surgery and has been practicing dentistry since 2012.

Our patients love her warm, easygoing, and gentle manner, which helps eradicate any nervous feelings about the dental setting. She is committed to providing her patients with the highest level of care.

Sahar has successfully completed a Master’s of dental surgery from the University of Umea in Sweden where she resided before moving to Sydney. Since her move 4 years ago she has successfully fulfilled the requirements from the Australian Dental Association. Sahar also trained at the DrK Academy of dental and facial aesthetics in London in 2015 and can provide patients with all facial rejuvenation treatments including anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

When not working, Sahar can be found riding dressage and caring for her beloved four-legged children with her husband. Sahar is fluent in Swedish, Norwegian, English and Farsi.


Dr Sahar Esplanade

"I enjoy getting to know my patients and eradicating any nervous feelings they may have about seeing the dentist."

- Dr Sahar

Hiba Salman

In her role at the practice, Hiba loves to help patients smile brightly.

“The most fulfilling aspect of my profession is seeing the great quality of work being provided to our Patients.”

Hiba possesses a Certificate III in Dental Assisting and currently undertaking Certificate IV in radiography. Her organisation skills are phenomenal.

To stay up to date with the latest in the field, Hiba regularly takes continuing education courses. When she’s not working, Hiba enjoys travelling, catching up with friends and most importantly loves to watch her 2 sons grow and explore.

Dental Assistant

Dental Hygienist Hiba Salman

"The most fulfilling aspect of my profession is seeing the great quality of work being provided to our patients"

- Hiba Salman

Behishta Sajadi

Behishta has been working in the dental industry for over 7 years and possesses Certificate III in Dental Assisting and Certificate IV in Dental Assisting Radiography.

Patient experience is her top priority and she works hard to ensure they feel comfortable in our dental practice. “The most enjoyable part of being a dental assistant for me is relieving pain and anxiety for patients and witnessing the transformation to bright smiles.”

Dental Assistant

"The most enjoyable part of being a dental assistant for me is relieving pain and anxiety for patients and witnessing the transformation to bright smiles."

- Behishta Sajadi

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